081 – Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald just always got the boy she wanted didn’t she? Join us this week for the 80s teen classic, Sixteen Candles!

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Top Ten Competition!

For the month of June we’re running a top Ten Competition!

If you leave a review in Itunes for our podcast, you along with existing reviewers will be in the draw for picking our Top Ten Topic for the month of August!

We’ll be announcing the winner in July, so get reviewing and good luck!


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080 – Deadly Pursuit/Shoot to kill

This week we’re in the stunning mountains of the Northwest USA/Canada as we pursue the mystery man and the diamonds he holds. Join us for a very underated film that still holds up today!

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079 – Less Than Zero

It’s the 1980’s. What better time to be an overindulged party animal int e City of Angels? Join Gidgit and Angry as they rewatch the classic that foretold Robert Downey Jr’s future. Less Than Zero!

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Coming up – Less than zero

Up this week is the screen adaption of the Brett Easton Ellis novel. Darkly prophetic of Robert Downy Jrs’ life, we head to LA and the indulgent rich party scene… It’s less than zero…

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078 – Top Ten Movies with Computers

This week we’re look at how computers in movies affected the films. The eighties was the era of the home computer and influenced so many storylines. Is yours on our Top Tens?

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077 – The Last Starfighter

So are you good enough to join the Star League? Alex Rogan certainly is! Join us as we re-watch the great 1984 classic The Last Starfighter!


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Coming up – The Last Starfighter

Out this Thursday – the 1984 story of one boy making his way from the trailer park he grew up in to the save the galaxy! Join Alex, Maggie and the always laughing Grig as we podcast this classic!

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076 – First Blood

This week we’re in the cold mountains outside of the town of Hope. Why? Because we’re running from dodgy police and avoiding rats through mines as we join the legendary John Rambo in the film that first brought his character to the big screen!

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Coming up – First Blood

This week Gidgit and Angry are armed and dangerous. yeah no. But John J Rambo is. see where the cinematic icon began in the original classic! Out Thursday!

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