196 – The Man with Two Brains

This week it’s Gidgit Von Larue’s Birthday pick, the hilarious 1983 Steve Martin Comedy The Man with Two Brains. No need for cranial screw-top brain surgery to enjoy this hilarious Carl Reiner film.

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195 – Tequila Sunrise

This week begins the annual fortnight of Birthday Picks! Angry is up first (age before beauty after all) and looks back on a favourite gem. It’s the battle of blue eyes as Mel, Michelle and Kurt mix it up in LA in Tequila Sunrise!

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194 – Randal Kleiser Interview

This episode Gidgit Von Larue is joined by special guest American film and television director, producer and screenwriter Randal Kleiser. Randal directed feature films such as The Blue Lagoon, Summer Lovers, Grandview U.S.A, Big Top Pee Wee, Honey I Blew Up the Kid, Flight of the Navigator and 1978 box office sensation Grease. Randal is also the producer of the new documentary coming out soon Life After The Navigator.



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193 – Top Ten Musicians in 80s Films

This episode we look at those amazing artists that have made the transition from music to screen. Who did it best? Enquiring minds want to know! Listen now here or on your favourite platform 🙂

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192 – The Entity

Named by Director Martin Scorsese as his fourth scariest horror film of all time, Gidgit Von Larue is joined by Huw from The Undead Wookie Podcast to discuss 1983’s American supernatural horror film The Entity and everything paranormal. Just in time for Halloween.



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