061 – Better Off Dead

This week Gidgit and Angry are in Greendale CA, ready to ski the K-12. Right after they restore a gorgeous ’67 Camaro. Join us as we dodge paying the paperboy his two dollars and enjoy the classic Better Off Dead all over again!

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Coming Up – Better Off Dead

This week we look at the well requested 80’s dark comedy classic Better Off Dead. Our Thursday!

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060b – The Empire Strikes Back (Part Two)

Join Gidgit and Angryman as they embark on exploring the second half of the amazing 1980 entry in to the Star Wars franchise. Warning – Spoilers!

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2018 – Is your choice on the List?

Hoping you’ve all had a great Christmas and New Years, but here at the Retro Cinema we’re back in to it!

We’ve got movies galore on our minds and a couple of new Top Tens in the pipeline for you, but if you’re wanting to see your movie on our podcast sooner rather than later (and that’s already happened a few times) let us know what you’re wanting to see!

And if you have an idea for a Top Ten? Let us know!

Post a comment here, email us at retrocinemapodcast@gmail.com

or hit us up on twitter @theretrocinema !

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060a – The Empire Strikes Back

The Retro Cinema brings in 2018 with a classic among classics – Arguably – well, we both think so, the best in a franchise spanning decades! Join us on Hoth as we head into space and then Dagobah… well you get the idea..

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Coming Up – The Empire Strikes Back

Angry and the Cinematic Screen Tweeting Queen are back! It’s 2018, an all new year and what better way to begin it than looking at one of the greatest films of the 1980’s and easily the best in a generation-spanning franchise. Come Thursday, you’ll find us on Hoth. And Dagobah. And.. well you get the idea.

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059 – Top Ten Vacation Movies

This week – remember those eighties movies that had some sort of holiday or vacation in them? So do we! In the last podcast for 2017, Gidgit and Angryman put together their Top Ten favourite Vacation movies. Never fear we’ll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in January 2018!

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058 – Lethal Weapon

He’s burnt out, on the ragged edge… the film that created the classic buddy-cop trope and spawned a huge franchise is the Retro Cinema Christmas movie!

Catch Gidgit, Angryman and special guest Paul from the Countdown Podcast as they enjoy watching this holiday classic from 1987!

Click below to check out Paul and Wayne’s hilarious podcast!!


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Xmas Music from Lana!

As many of you know, the amazing singer Lana White ( @Lana_white_ ) does our amazing intro music.

Well she has a great new Xmas song just released! We love i and hope you will too!

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Coming Up – Lethal Weapon

He’s a ragged burnt out cop on the edge… Or is he? Coming up next is our Christmas Movie for the year – the classic original form 1987 with every buddy-cop trope you can think of! And we’re being joined by a special guest – Paul from the Countdown Podcast!

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