033 – The Fly

This week Gidge’s partner @ColonelKickhead steps in to take a seat in the RC HQ! Angryman is out sick and the Colonel has excelled himself and stepped in to take co-hosting duties on one of the biggest and best horror films of the 1980’s – The Fly!

The Retro Cinema is part of the #podernfamily podcasts and the ACPN podcast network

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Coming up – The Fly

Coming to The Retro Cinema we look at the 1986 horror The Fly!

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032 – 9 to 5

This week we’re in the office and up against one of the most horrible bosses in cinema. But who can withstand the skills of Lily, Jane and Dolly?

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Coming up – 9 to 5

This wee Gidgit and Angry are pouring themselves a cup of ambition and working around the clock to bring you their podcast of the hilarious 9 to 5!

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Revamped Instagram!

Cold rainy day in Melbourne today, so naturally it’s a good time to get some work done. We’ve cleaned up and added heaps of GIFS to the instagram account to make it more entertaining for you!

Find it here


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031 – RoboCop

This week Gidgit and Angry roam the dystopian streets of Old Detroit watching as the fallen Officer Alex Murphy is resurrected into the future of Law Enforcement- RoboCop!

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The Retro Cinema joins the ACPN !

The ACPN is a curated network of podcasts that cover a huge range of pop culture topics and as of this week, The Retro Cinema joins the ACPN as one of the programs available alongside their other fantastic podcasts!

What does this mean for regular listeners? Nothing changes! It’s exciting because we get to have those fantastic movies we rave about out to a wider audience. We also get to support other great podcasters out there as well!

If you’d like to have a look at other programs available, head on over to: The_ACPN.com and check them out! Or search … Read more

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Huge thank you, that came around quickly! And we love it! Thanks for all your support, and remember, keep watching those awesome 80s movies!

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Coming up – Robocop

Coming up this week – We’re on the mean streets of Old Detroit City with OCP’s latest and greatest solution to rid the city of crime. Robocop! Catch the podcast Thursday! Thank you for your cooperation.


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030 – Flash Gordon

It’s a HUGE podcast this week as Gidgit and Angry can’t stop talking about the 1980 cult classic Flash Gordon. It’s over the top, comic book fun as they hit the hard questions. Like would you choose Princess Aura or Dale Arden? Plus having a Queen soundtrack never hurt anyone.

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