199 – Silent Night Deadly Night

Have you been nice…or have you been naughty? Gidgit is joined by jolly Huw from the Undead Wookie Podcast to cover the controversial 1984 Christmas slasher horror film Silent Night, Deadly Night.


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198b – A Christmas Story Part 2

Join jolly Angryman and mistletoe Gidgit von Larue as they cover the much anticipated part 2 of the classic family festive favourite…A Christmas Story.

Try not to break your major award.


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198a – A Christmas Story Part 1

Turn on your leg lamp, get the hound dogs out of your house and go get your decoder ring as Angryman and Gidgit von Larue podcast part one of this 1983 American classic Christmas movie A Christmas Story. (and remember be careful where you put your tongue).

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