085 – Beetlejuice

He’s here! The ghost with the most, the bio-exorcist you need. Just say his name three times and he’s there! With 17.5 minutes on screen Michael Keaton created an iconic 80s character. We love him, we know you do. Also we announce the winner of our Top Ten for August!

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Coming Up – Beetlejuice

This week we’re enjoying rewatching one of the great fantastical classics from the 1980’s. Join us as we talk all about the ”ghost with the most” – Beetlejuice!  Podcast out Thursdasy!

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084 – Tootsie

Join Gidgit and Angry this week as they look at one of the big films of 1982.  Dustin Hoffman making points that still need to be addressed today. (Also it’s kinda fun)

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Coming Up – Tootsie

This week we’re having fun looking back at the classic satirical comedy/social commentary that is Tootsie! Podcast out thursday!

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083 – Bull Durham

This week Gidgit and Angry enjoy a baseball movie – hard to believe after 80 odd podcasts it took this long to get to one of their favourite genres, but hey, that’s eighties movies for you. So many to love!

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082 – Top Ten Bar Scenes

This week Gidgit and Angry have a look at some of the great scenes in 80s movies that are set in bars. So many to choose from, does your favourite make the list? Find out now!

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081 – Sixteen Candles

Molly Ringwald just always got the boy she wanted didn’t she? Join us this week for the 80s teen classic, Sixteen Candles!

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Top Ten Competition!

For the month of June we’re running a top Ten Competition!

If you leave a review in Itunes for our podcast, you along with existing reviewers will be in the draw for picking our Top Ten Topic for the month of August!

We’ll be announcing the winner in July, so get reviewing and good luck!


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080 – Deadly Pursuit/Shoot to kill

This week we’re in the stunning mountains of the Northwest USA/Canada as we pursue the mystery man and the diamonds he holds. Join us for a very underated film that still holds up today!

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079 – Less Than Zero

It’s the 1980’s. What better time to be an overindulged party animal int e City of Angels? Join Gidgit and Angry as they rewatch the classic that foretold Robert Downey Jr’s future. Less Than Zero!

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