046 – The Untouchables

It’s Chicago, 1930 and Al Capone rules the city with fear and unlimited money. One group of men dared to stand up to him and changed the course of American History. The Untouchables!

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Coming Up – The Untouchables

This week we’re on the mean streets of Chicago. The cops are corrupt, Capone owns the city. Only one small group of men take the war to him. The Untouchables!

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045 – This is Spinal Tap.

Taking it to Eleven this week as Gidgit and Angry laugh their way through one of the all time great comedy classics as we join Spinal Tap on the road and the return to greatness!

We also have an amazing cameo on this week, thank her for supporting us by supporting her. Lana does our into theme and something a little extra this week. Check Lana’s amazing music by clicking HERE

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Coming Up – This is Spinal Tap

This week we’re taking it to Eleven and looking at one of the funniest films ever made – This is Spinal Tap.

Fun Fact – when it came out many people thought Spinal Tap were a real band!

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044b – Aliens

This week we wrap up our podcast on the incredible 1986 film Aliens. So much going on in this half of the movie, not to mention this podcast has our first ever prize giveaway!  Good Luck!

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044a – Aliens

This week we celebrate a year of 80’s movie podcasts as we start our two-parter on the all time classic – Aliens!

Huge thank you to all out there listening to us!


Podcasts we chatted about. Some are friends who’ve helped us along the way (thanks all!), but all of these we recommend you try them out!

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And check out the fantastic Horror block of Schlock Horror!Thanks Paul for your support and tips!

And thanks to The Undead Wookie for your help too!… Read more

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Coming Up – Aliens

Coming up next on the Retro Cinema – arguably the greatest sequel of all time and an amazing film in its own right. Aliens!

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043 – Blue Velvet

This week Gidgit and Angry delve in to the seedy underbelly of Lumberton NC as they join Jeffrey and Sandy in their investigation in to the mysterious Dorothy Vallens… That’s right, this week, it’s the genius of David Lynch before Twin Peaks came along… When a woman sang a song and wore…. Blue Velvet…

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Coming Up – Blue Velvet

Before there was the TV classic Twin Peaks there was the 1986 David Lynch film Blue Velvet. Dark, confronting and utterly brilliant. And yes, it is this weeks movie! Join us for trivia gossip and details on this amazing noir film

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042 – The Goonies

Hey you guys! This week Gidgit and Angry are in Astoria Oregon, looking for the treasure of One Eyed Willy! Goonies never die and this classic from the 80’s is just as much fun today!


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