001 – Highlander

Welcome to the first podcast of the The Retro Cinema!

This week we kick back, relax and have a great chat looking at the 1986 classic, Highlander.



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7 Responses to 001 – Highlander

  1. LornaFloyd says:

    Just found your podcast. This is one of my favorite movies of the eighties. You pay it so much credit. So much respect.

  2. Jenny Heavens says:

    Found you through Youtube. Impressed this was your first podcast. It does take a skill to keep me listening to movie podcasts as I’m such a huge movie fan especially 80’s. Big tick from me.

  3. Dereck Tracker says:

    Going back over your selection of 80’s movies! Oh weird listening to your very first! Miss Gidgit sounds like she’s in a tunnel – no insult! Just fun listening to your progression. I’ve now listened to ALL of your pod casts! Do I get a mention?

  4. Steve says:

    It’s good to hear a decent critique of a movie I’ve probably seen a few times. I often miss large chunks of plot info, because lets face it, 1980s … I was too young! Nicely done. Gonna have to go to the latest podcast and work my way back.

  5. Ruby Devadie says:

    I remember Gidget suggesting a redo of a podcast.
    I love Highlander & would love your podcast on it now.

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