001 – Highlander

Welcome to the first podcast of the The Retro Cinema!

This week we kick back, relax and have a great chat looking at the 1986 classic, Highlander.



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8 thoughts on “001 – Highlander

  1. Just found your podcast. This is one of my favorite movies of the eighties. You pay it so much credit. So much respect.

  2. Found you through Youtube. Impressed this was your first podcast. It does take a skill to keep me listening to movie podcasts as I’m such a huge movie fan especially 80’s. Big tick from me.

  3. Going back over your selection of 80’s movies! Oh weird listening to your very first! Miss Gidgit sounds like she’s in a tunnel – no insult! Just fun listening to your progression. I’ve now listened to ALL of your pod casts! Do I get a mention?

  4. It’s good to hear a decent critique of a movie I’ve probably seen a few times. I often miss large chunks of plot info, because lets face it, 1980s … I was too young! Nicely done. Gonna have to go to the latest podcast and work my way back.

  5. Thanks all for the amazing feedback and comments!
    Ruby we might re do this – it was early days. Less trivia and research – still finding out feet! Just SO many more 80’s movies for us to podcast! Might have a month re do of early podcasts – who knows.

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