004 – The Lost Boys

This week Gidgit Von LaRue and the Angryman enjoy one of their favourites – 1987’s Lost Boys! Honestly Santa Carla would be great if it wasn’t for all the Vampires.


7 thoughts on “004 – The Lost Boys

  1. Grt podcast Angry and Gidget. As a resident of that area I do attend the yearly Lost Boys festival and great to hear u mention it. Awesome podcast too to the movie. Sent the links to a few bros into the movie. For sure a goth movie. Nailed that.

    • Hi Michael, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed the podcast! We’re loving how many people still really enjoy movies like LB. And we’d live there too if it wasn’t for all the damn vampires. (Jealous you go to the festival!)

  2. Fantastic podcast both of you. What great chemistry you both have and such love. I adore this movie and have listened to this podcast twice. I’m going to show my 14 yr old daughter this film this weekend then let her listen to your podcast! Thank you.

    • Hi Cheryl, thanks so much for taking the time to write! we really appreciate your support and that you enjoy the film as much as we do! Have fun watching it all over again! – AM

    • Hi Casey – that’s awesome! Might take you up on that one day 🙂 Great having you listening and thanks for your support. – AM

  3. Wow thank you Casey. I’ll start saving money straight away. Would LOVE to attend. Thanks for your lovely comment – Gidgit

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