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  1. Wonderful podcast folks! The Poltergeist is a film not technically about a Poltergeist! I’ve seen the film recently- after listening to your podcast I need to see it again to catch the things I missed. OMG Gidgit I adored your recitation of film lines in that accent! Great stuff Angry & Gidgit.

  2. As a huge fan of the movie Poltergeist and having listened to numerous podcasts about this movie I have to say your podcast is now my favourite. You are both also massive fans and you can tell. You showed massive respect to the film along with making it humerous and interesting. I listened with my wife who is also a fan of the movie and she also agrees. Thank you for showing such respect and passion for one of my favourite horror movies of all time.

    • Hi Robert. Wow – thanks for taking the time to write to us. We appreciate your support, and glad we did a favourite of yours justice. In two weeks we’re doing ‘the thing’ so stay tuned! We’re doing our best, we just love those 80’s classics! – GVLR + AM

  3. Commenting from Chicago and loving the Auzie accents really different from pod casts I listen to but really enjoyed your recap of Poltergiest and looking forward to more horror and eighties movies. The girl is very cute sounding. Is she single? Asking for a friend/

    • Hi Chuck, thanks for your support and glad you enjoyed the podcast! We’ve got lots more coming, including the Burbs this week and the thing after that! Gidgit is very cute, but also, taken. Let your friend know? cheers – AM

  4. I’m doing it – leaving a review. Good pod cast. Looking forward to more. Can I suggest Airplane! Or for you Aussies – Flying High. Please!

    • Hi Paul – huge thanks for leaving a review! We’ll be keeping them coming trust us! I remember the first time i saw that film I just about wet myself laughing so hard. We make references to not being called Shirly all the time! Definitely going to happen! – AM

  5. U talk too much dude. Let her speak more ok. Not many chicks on podcsts so nice to hear that. Love this movie. Hated remake. Sucked fucking shit. Glad you are both paying some cred to it. Can I suggest you do The Shining?

  6. Thank you Schlock so much! I did not mind the 2nd Poltergeist but nothing compares to the original! Well done on your Horror blog as well! Loving the horror reviews. We are doing a few horror movies for 2017 – might have to have you as a guest!

  7. Was alerted to your podcast by a friend. Slowly catching up. I like your style and accents. I’m 49 with 4 kids from two different marriages. I need ‘me time’ and I listen to a lot of pod casts. I HAD to comment to say thank you. You are my generation, my life, my music, my songs and great trivia. I see other comments and thought I should as I have heard you evolve. Bring many more of your joy to us in 2018 please.

    • welcome aboard Wayne, great having you listen and thanks for taking the time to write!

  8. JUST discovered you both

    Oh wow my wheel house for sure. Poltergeist is my horror movie love! Checking u both out now but loving it so far.

    Where do you get the info? Crazy cool. 1st time leaving a comment too. Oh you both!

  9. Great job, guys! To paraphrase Dan Aykroyd in TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, “Do you know what’s really scary??” I grew up in Northern Virginia: not only did my house had the *exact same structure* as the Freelings, but also I had an old tree outside my bedroom window! O, needless to say, this film TRAUMATIZED me when I was 6 years old! I think I slept under my bed several nights.

    A couple of other things: when Dr. Lesh actually asks for members & ages of those in the household, Steve actually says his wife is 31 and then quickly corrects it as 32. Then he says his oldest daughter Dana is 16…and the look on Dr. Lesh’s face is hilariously disturbed as she does the math in her head.

    Finally, there’s a b&w movie on TV while they are smoking weed. That movie is actually the 1943 Spencer Tracy movie A GUY NAMED JOE, which Spielberg loves along with Richard Dreyfuss, thus they later remade it as ALWAYS in 1989. To be honest, I found out about this only last year when I watched JOE for first time…AND I HATED IT WITH A PASSION lol.

  10. Wow early podcast and just going through all the comments left.
    Thank you all for the feedback. Makes doing our 80’s podcast worth it for sure! You all mean SO much to us!

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