008 – The Burbs

This week it’s the 1989 semi-spooky, mystery comedy of a young Tom Hanks – The Burbs! Join Gidgit and Angry as they chat about this really entertaining film with so many little jokes you’ll be watching it and loving it all over again!


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12 Responses to 008 – The Burbs

  1. Craig B says:

    Best Burbs podcast I’ve heard Cheers. The girl is a bit shouty but still both fun. I love Rumsfield as well.

    • theretrocinema says:

      Thanks Craig, we get a bit carried away sometimes, just laughing about the films – you should hear us on outtakes 🙂 – AM

  2. Sarah McClay says:

    This is one of my favourite eighties movies. Loved pod cast. Find the Ozzie accents funny but you are both so passionate about it like me. “Gay day” Ozzies. Thanks for great podcast. Listened to it twice then watched The Burbs again for the 10th time.

    • theretrocinema says:

      Hi Sarah, G’day from us too! Glad you loved the podcast and enjoyed the movie again. We’re having a lot of fun watching them all again!

  3. I swear I have seen this movie 5,000 plus times. At one stage, I recorded it off TV onto VHS and watched it twice a night for like a year. I could even say the movie word for word which eventually pissed off my dad. Awesome Podcast.

  4. Marty Finlay says:

    I love this film so much. Losing Carrie Fisher is so tragic. Not the best The Burbs pod cast I’ve heard but still totally fun and love the trivia the most. I will say had no idea that is the same dog from Silence of the Lambs!

  5. Hannah Campbell says:

    I adore this movie! Found a link from YouTube. Listened to a few but you two really cover the movie which I love. Thank you. I’m going to watch it again tonight! Plus your Australian accents are a novelty.

  6. Eric McCavoy says:

    Love this movie so so much. Thank you for pod casting it. Let my teens listen and now they want to watch it. So does my wife actually who has never seen many movies at all. I’m a movie freak and born in 1967 I adore eighties movies! Will listen to more for sure. Good on you two stepping up and doing something you are passionate about over just being negative on films from that time. Thank you.

  7. Elizabeth Moy says:

    We will listen to this in our car tomorrow on the way to work. Takes one hour – perfect. Promise to leave comment after but just KNOW it’s going to be great! Can’t wait.

  8. GidgitVonLaRue says:

    Thanks for all your comments! Makes us want to do better! Thank you all!

  9. SusanTrimple says:

    I just listened to your Burbs pod cast. Love it. I’m a new fan!

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