009 – The Thing

It’s been a popular recommendation for us here at Retro HQ so this week we’re bringing you one of your favourites and ours too! It’s John Carpenters 1982 classic, The Thing! Join Gidgit Von LaRue and Angryman in their biggest podcast yet as they chat about a film that really showed off the talents of amazing movie makers before the days of CGI!



12 thoughts on “009 – The Thing

  1. This is my favorite movie of all time and although I did not get the Bennings Bunnings gag – obviously an Aussie joke – I loved your podcast. What is that noise in the background? Sounds like a bird. I have a budgie and she will not shut up. Nice to hear one of you is a bird lover unless that is something else? Well done both of you. I think the dynamics of how you deliver the podcast is spot on. I listened to Lost Boys and Poltergiest too. Look forward to more 80s podcasts as I was born in 1973.

    • Hi Toby – thanks for enjoying pur podcast. Bunnings is our biggest hardware store company, so you’re right, it’s an Aussie joke. The noise is Gidgit’s cockatiel, Ringo. She adores him even though he likes to contribute haha Thanks for listening, and we love having supporters like you enjoying these movies too!

  2. Wow thanks Toby. Yes as Angry said that is my naughty cockatiel kicking up a stink in the background. Future pod casts his ‘contribution’ will not be heard as I am now recording podcast in another room!

    Thanks for your lovely comments. We love doing these pod casts!

  3. Sorry for my bird chirping in the background! I soon moved my podcast recording to a study where he could not be heard! Still hope you enjoyed our podcast! We adore this movie.

  4. Great podcast. Love you both love these movies and also add trivia and humour! I’ve listened a couple of times and made me watch this movie again, Such a great movie.

  5. This film rocked man, I remember seeing even the poster at our ABC Cinema in Chatham, Kent (England) and very that scared the f**k off me.

    I eventually saw it on cable back in the day and i freaked the stuff out me, I love dogs too !! soooo much creepy about it, the music (solitary bass note) the shadows, the ‘who is?’ the isolation – bit like Alien in the snow !!

    As for the effects, man alive, this is craft isn’t it? the dog, Palmer and of course Norris, this is someone on their game.. I didn’t even both with the ‘new’ one as the CGI ‘whatever’ seen it all before but you feel (like Ray Harryhausen) every frame here is full of love and passion for their craft.

    An amazing film, and ANOTHER great podcast full of banter and a lairy bird.

  6. Thank you ALL for all your wonderful feedback! Makes us want to keep going! We love these films the same as you all. How can you go wrong with John Carpenters The Thing?

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