010 – Labyrinth

This week Gidgit Von LaRue and Angryman have gone through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered to go beyond the Goblin City and chat about that 1986 classic Labyrinth!



13 thoughts on “010 – Labyrinth

  1. I SO want to watch this movie again after hearing this. Have not watched it since I was a young adult but have grand kids now and want to show them this. Thank you.

    • Hi Adam – thanks for letting us know you enjoyed the podcast. I’m betting the grandkids will love it! -AM

  2. Had no idea about your eighties pod cast and Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies of all time. Got link from You Tube. Can’t wait to let my husband listen to it as he adores this movie as well. Love the Australian accents. Real novelty. Love how you both embraced and love this movie so much. When my 7 r old is old enough we’ll be showing it to her. Thank you for a wonderful pod cast. Best wishes from Lone Tree, Colorado.

    • Hi Mimi! – woohoo! Colorado 🙂 Love hearing from people around the world who are finding us and enjoying our podcast! Rapt you enjoyed the podcast, we’re literally about to record this weeks – Blade Runner. Thanks for your support and I bet your child will love it like we all do! – AM

  3. Got your link from YouTube. Funny hearing ozzie accents but you obviously loved the movie as I do and glad I got the link. Im looking forward to more 80s fantasy films like The Dark Crystal.

    • Hi Mark – Me too! I love that stuff and we have SO many to cover from the 80’s so you’ll be hearing more of those! Cheers – AM

  4. I have to say thank you for not making the David Bowie character and Sarah character ‘creepy’ As a young man growing up in this era I never thought of it creepy and with three daughters and one son I still do not think it so I’m glad you made that clear as it was a fantasy film and although my ‘young’ self adored Jennifer I was around her same age and never thought Bowie as an older man . Just a fantasy character. I let my girls watch this movie and I appreciate you addressing that issue as a father now 48 and hoping my lust for her was not ‘creepy’. Great pod cast and I’ll be listening to more.

    • Thanks Nathan for writing to us – I agree, and who doesn’t think the Goblin King is so cool! Great you’re showing these awesome movies to your kids now too! – AM

  5. Oh wow love this movie and you two do such amazing impersonations. Never heard that on a podcast before. Just wow!

  6. I fess up now I’m totally addicted to your podcast. I only have 5 more to listen to and I will have listened to all of them! Such a mega fan! Yes your holidays are different to our vacations. I like how you cleared that up.

  7. Only just discovered you covered podcasted this movie due to Gidgit on twitter! Listening now. I adore this movie. Thank you both

  8. Thanks all and Tiffany and Molly!! I’m so glad you are enjoying our podcast! We appreciate the feedback so much. Nothing wrong with a podcast addiction Tiffany! Haha! We certainly have covered a lot of variety of 80’s movies – hopefully quite a few for every taste!

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