013 – An American Werewolf In London

This week we’re checking out the 1981 classic An American Werewolf In London. Combining comedy and horror with a good dose of gore, AAWIL is a film that helped redefine just what was possible with makeup before CGI invaded our screens. And we’re looking at an early example of the (now) film genre of Comedy/Horror. It’s a classic for a reason kids!



And here’s what Angryman was talking about in terms of what was really happening (Spoiler Alert)

14 thoughts on “013 – An American Werewolf In London

  1. Hilarious episode guys, thoroughly enjoyed it even though this movie utterly terrorised my childhood. I will never get back those American Werewolf In London years! LOL

    • Hi Cath – I don’t think you’re the only one lol – thanks for writing! – AM

  2. Well done guys- very enjoyable #AAWWIL PC & I laughed a lot! Interesting plot observation-the people in pub know the secret but they leave the guys to their own devices! Loved Gidgit’s attitude towards the annoying kid in hospital-deny the brat medicine & let him die! Ha, ha! Yes the film did end ubruptly. Great to learn this movie led to best makeup effects in film category-well deserved. Made 30 + mil at box office & is a cult classic too.

  3. Thanks Cathy and Shakti for your comments. You guys rock! And thanks for your endless support. SO appreciated. xxx Gidgit

  4. I LIVE in ‘puffy coats’ as I live in Alaska. Fun pod cast. Listened to it as I was cutting down trees. Laughed a lot. You two are funny. Will check out your other pod casts.

    • Hi Milton, hi to you over there in Alaska! Glad you enjoyed the podcast, and thanks for your support! (It’s summer here, in the low 80’s today but heading for the 90’s lol) – AM

  5. I’ve read some good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much effort you put to create such a great informative website.

  6. It’s WETA not Wepa! Aside from that good podcast. But it really pisses me off when podcasts get their information wrong. Sorry it just does. This is my all time favourite move from the 80’s so I’ll give you that you gave it credit and respected it. Just do more information please!!

    • Hi George – sorry – i thought i had it wrong when i read my notes (typo i think), thanks for the correction

  7. ***Applauds***…ANOTHER great entertaining podcast that took me ‘way back’ – only one question , ’81 – how did that happen?

    I remember this coming out in England , I would have been 9, and the fanfare for the special effects, people (adults) talking about it.

    1980’s iconic culture owes this film,
    1st as said the effects ‘apprentice’ went on to make The Thing.
    2nd it made the Special effects art a recongnised award.
    3rdly this led to Michael Jackson’s Thriller – as Jackson loved it and employed Landis based on the results.

    These 2 have great references and knowledge to English culture in the day with well appreciated shouts to Kenny Everett, Tom Baker as Dr Who AND The Goodies (then slagged off British TV later, but we wont mention that) my wife is Irish and wouldn’t know of Everett and The Goodies !

    On the TV references the amazingly great but heartbreaking late Rik Mayall (playing chess in Slaughtered Lamb) went on to be in one of England’s most loved comedians, and started into the equally 80s Retro The Young Ones !

    Slightly worried to hear of the remake – hope it doesn’t to trend and go on to be CGI’tastic’ .. i hope he doesn’t ruin Daddy’s gift.

    ..on the seat belt reference, yes I remember family holidays in the back of Dad’s Vauxhall Viva estate – in the boot with the luggage for 40 miles 1-2 hrs ! waving at/annoying the cars behind … Health n safety ? pah !!

    What with The Jam’s Down at the Tube Station of Midnight and this film it made me move with a bit more …erm…haste during my late night London nights


  8. The first time I saw the movie… Or didn’t… Was during science class in the 80s.
    The teacher wheeled in the TV and VCR and put a tape in.

    He put his fingers to his lips and left us be, how strange.
    I wonder if he was having a sly pash with someone?

    Anyway, I was at the back of the room, there was glare on the screen so I saw nothing.

  9. Totally love your podcast.
    My new podcast on the way to work.
    I need to catch up which I will do.
    Thank you

  10. Gah no one called me out – not Bob Bottin – ROB BOTTIN! (Botteen)
    Ah the old days. Thanks for all of your feedback btw! We love it!

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