014 – Xanadu

We’re right back to 1980 for this completely guilty pleasure. OK story, but the music of ELO is just awesome, and how can you not like the animated scene in the middle? So this week we’re trying out our first musical which is the cult classic that is Xanadu!



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  1. I preferred ONJ song.I was also a fan of ELO witheir 1st album.Jeff Lynnes sound was becoming too predictable for me.Bit I did enjoy the movie.You may notice a certain Sandhal Bergman as a dancer?

    • Hi Ron, thanks for taking the time to write! I did notice Sandahl Bergman – i remember her from Conan as well! – AM

      • Sandahl Bergman is the shit! That fouette/double pirouette combo in the opening number changed my whole life!

  2. What a fantastic podd cast of one of my favourite movies Xanadu! Thank you. I’m so glad the girl – sorry don’t know your name – left the leg and tuna comment in. I was laughing along with you. This movie is so not appreciated so lovely to hear a pod cast about it. Thanks and my husband listened too and know wants to watch it. You have achieved Xanadu!

    • hahaha thanks Naomi! Gidgit wanted me to leave it in after all, so I did πŸ™‚ Happy you enjoyed the podcast and we got another fan for Xanadu! – AM

  3. Oh please please please do more musicals. Your podcast made me go back and download the soundtrack of Xanadu! I play it in the car the last few days taking my kids to school and even they are singing parts of the songs I had to load it onto their phones. You two have made my 9 and 6 year olds ‘retro’. I had honestly forgotten about this movie until friend sent me clip and I saw your link. I laughed, loved and now my two kids love the music too. Thank you. I had to comment as too many only comment with bad stuff but you’ve cheered me up hugely.

  4. Xanadu is. Y very all time favorite movie, it was a gem, the music both Olivia & Elo, the special visual effcts, th costumes, all was perfect and its no a bad movie after all got th Broadway play lol

  5. I love this movie so much. My daughters tease me about it but I will get them around to loving it as I do. I loaded your podcast onto my 15 yr olds phone and she listened to it and now she does want to watch it. You have converted her. Thanks for including all the music. Makes me now want to go back and load them all onto my phone and I think I will. I was singing along to all the songs. Just wish they were longer. My husband will never watch this movie but I hope for my girls.

    • Hi Beneta – Xanadu is an awesome movie – it’s exactly why we did it! Sorry we couldn’t put more music in – but I do confess to having the soundtrack on my phone too aha – AM

  6. I can’t believe I found a Xanadu pod cast! I’m so excited I do have my roller skates on and not wearing anything else. You two are so funny. I was laughing like a crazy woman on my way to work along with singing the songs. I actually listened to your pod cast all over again on the way home. Are you comedians? I had to ask. I’d never heard of you before and a work friend told me about your pod cast who is also a huge Xanadu lover. I’m going to watch the movie while listening to your podcast. Crazy I know! Thank you both so much. You don’t know what it means to me living back that era and memories.

    • Hi Isabella, thanks so much for your fantastic words! We’re not comedians, just big fans of 80’s movies too! Happy you’re enjoying it. We’ve only just started this year but we’re having a ball doing it and will be back in 2017! Happy you’re joining us! – AM

  7. I am beyond over the moon for this podcast, never heard of it before, yet incredibly thrilled to have listened to it and I have every intention of downloading it for posterity. I am such a huge fan of the film since it was announced and released to theaters. I remember watching this film at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York, back in 1980. I was such a fan of the film, that I actually watched it in that same theater over 20 times, I never wanted the film to end and that medley towards the end of the film was sheer brilliance and bittersweet all at once because it meant that the film was ending. I have an entire suitcase filled with Xanadu memorabilia, not to mention the fact that I’ve had this film in my collection starting with the Laserdisc, then VHS, then DVD and now the bluray. It may have not been well received by the critics, but what do they know. We now have a whole community that loves this cult status film as much as I do, and that’s a beautiful thing. Xanadu will forever remain, as one of my absolute favorite musical films of all time…

    • Hi Dyana – thank you so much for your amazing post! It really is a fun movie to watch and great that we have the approval of such a huge fan of this classic. Merry Christmas! – AM

      • Hello RetroCinema, thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond to my post, you are incredibly kind. I have been a fan of Olivia’s for decades, and although I love Grease, her holiday films and Two Of A Kind, there’s just something so unbelievably magical about Xanadu that still gives me chills every time I watch it, I never tire of it. Also, this is a film that can be watched by everyone of all ages, there isn’t a single image or frame in the film that’s objectionable. By the way, I have played this film for many of my friends and they’ve praised it and they love the soundtrack. I do hope that the powers that be, will revisit the bluray and they’ll add some special features that I know, as well as many others, would love to have in their collection. Again, thank you so much for responding, much love, peace, joy and happiness…

        Happy Holidays,

    • Hi Dyana – you are such a super fan like us! We could not find many or any podcasts about Xanadu so we HAD to do it. To get such a wonderful post from you is the ultimate compliment. Make sure to check out our animated gif site from my partner Colonel Kickhead who makes our gifs and if you want any made it would be our pleasure! Thank you again. Gidgit xx

      • Gidgit, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post, you are incredibly gracious and kind. Thank you for your suggestion on the gif site, I have every intention of becoming a regular on it. Again, thank you for everything, much love!!!

        Warmest Wishes,

  8. Xanadu – thank you so much. I adore this film. I don’t care how people say it is the worst film. I adore it. You have restored all my memories of this.

    • Hi Estelle – you’ve made our day – So great you enjoyed the podcast, and that we brought how awesome this film is back to you πŸ™‚

  9. Fucking LOVE Xanadu. Sorry for swearing but first podcast I’ve found about this AND music! Friend told me about it. Listen to it on my way to work and back and the next day. Seriously.

    • hi bob – twice in one day? awesome πŸ™‚ It was one of our most popular podcasts, so we’ll be doing more musicals in 2017. Hugely appreciate your support!

  10. Fucking LOVE Xanadu. Sorry for swearing but first podcast I’ve found about this AND music! Friend told me about it. Listen to it on my way to work and back and the next day. Seriously.

    • Hi lisa – Hope you enjoy the soundtrack – we’re limited in what we can play, but how can you not love the soundtrack???? Thanks for your support – AM

  11. Wow so many wonderful comments on our Xanadu podcast! Cannot thank you all enough. We love doing this and will keep doing it. Also always open to 80’s movie suggestions. We hope, even with some cheeky digs at certain things in the movie – as I’ve said these movies to us are like a younger brother or sister. You can tease them – but you still love and adore them! Make sure to listen to our next pod cast of When Harry Met Sally and Angry thanks you all! Again – LOVE the comments! Gidgit xxxx

  12. I will right away snatch your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service.
    Do you have any? Please permit me know in order
    that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

    • Hi Kristen, you can find us on itunes, stitcher and tunein also!. Thanks for your support!

  13. Sorry I’m late! God, I freaking love this movie! I have the DVD, the soundtrack and a crappy VHS version that I tapped off the telly! Me and my sisters would rent it every time we went to the video shop. I am still obsessed after all these years and its so awesome to hear I am not alone!

    While movie musicals started dying out by the time the 80’s came around there are definitely a few gems out there! Grease 2, Little Shop Of Horrors, Stayin’ Alive (While not technically a musical, it was gay enough to pass as one!) Purple Rain, Can’t Stop The Music, Victor Victoria, A Chorus Line, Fame!.. The list goes on. And they are all camp and fucking fantastic! This 30 year old becomes a 5 year old dancing around the lounge room whenever these flicks are on!

    Keep up the good work Gidge and Angry!

    Britt (@eatingmyfeelings)

  14. Oh wow – our most popular podcast! I love this movie SO much! Thank you for all the comments! Spread the word. We do not just do major 80’s movies – we do major fan 80’s movies! Britt we are doing Little Shop of Horrors very very soon – the others you suggested def on the list! We love the feedback sooo much. We ONLY do movies we both love. It’s our ‘thing’.

  15. Fantastic podcast. Well done! So great and love the music. Please do more musicals. Love the music and love this move.

  16. Oh please do more musicals. They seem to be the one thing all these eighties movie pod casts avoid. I love you played the music and just enjoyed one of the movies I truly love. Also thank you for the animated gifs. I hope you do not mind but used them on my Olivia Newton John blog! I’ve sent this pod cast to all my Olivia/Xanadu friends. I’ve already listened to it three times so HAD to say something!

    • Hey Howard, we have more in the pipeline, and we do love doing them! Thanks for taking the time to post, great hearing from you!

  17. I just watched what Gidget posted about the movies you have done. I’m not a big action or horror person – but the respect showed to Xanadu. I love you both SO much! No other podcast has done this or just torn it apart for fun. I love this film so much. And THANK YOU for using ELO All Around the World. You have made my day – my week – maybe my month!

    • Denise you are awesome! Love you love this film! We do a WHOLE range of 80’s films – as long as we love them! We are still the tip of the iceberg when it comes to awesome 80’s movies. Thank you all for your wonderful feedback!

  18. Finally a pod cast of Xanadu! I grew up with this as a closeted gay man loving it so much. Thank you for giving it respect and the music. I’m out and proud and would to be Kiera in a heartbeat! Who can beat leg warmers? Love you both xxxxx

    • Hi Garry – thanks for the amazing comments! Welcome to the Retro Cinema! – we’ll be doing plenty more musicals as well as other genres πŸ™‚ – AM

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE this novie. I have shown my daughters and they love it so now have it on download and dvd and Bluray! They watch it THIS MUCH! I had to get my mother to knit them leg warmers. Honestly! They all have bright pink leg warners. I love it!

  20. Oh wow I loved this movie and loved this movie. And Gidget you can sing. Well done. Great podcast. Made me go out and get the dvd of this movie to watch again. So glad friend put me onto this!

    • we still love it Debbie – and its our biggest podcast actually!

  21. Wow I love this movie SO much and from my husband listening to your Batman podcast I found this! I’m so excited and you both cover films I love and my husband loves. Thanks so much. Makes me want to watch Xanadu again. Then When Harry Met Sally! So thrilled.

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