015 – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

This week we’re off to the French Riviera for a little sun, holidaying and hijinks as Michael Caine and Steve Martin try and best each other in the hilarious comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!


(Side note – this podcast is going out on the exact same day as when the original film was released in 1988. Spooky – we only just found out after recording it!)

14 thoughts on “015 – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

  1. We HONESTLY did not not know we were releasing this pod cast on the same day back in 1988 this film was released!!! Total freak out! Hope you all enjoy it. Make sure to comment if you liked it! Oh go on!

  2. OMG how funny. I’m a huge Steve Martin fan too. Loved your podcast. I’ve listened to your previous eighties podcasts but first time I’ve made a comment as I love this so much. Thank you Angry and Gidget. You are both so natural and obviously love these movies. I was born in 1973 and grew up with these movies as well. Also love you are Aussies. Real novelty. I’ll tell the guys at my work about you. First time I heard Airplane! was called Flying High! News to me. Keep up the good work. – Joseph – Syracuse, NY.

    • Hi Joseph! Thanks so much for your fantastic comments! Yes we love these movies and trust me – we’ll be doing Airplane at some point (and a lot more Steve Martin movies) Thanks for your support and always remember to enjoy the 80’s! – AM

  3. THANK YOU for reminding me of this classic comedy film. I had not seen it for years but I will be watching it again this weekend. Oh the memories came flooding back as to how funny it really was. Thank you both for a fantastic funny entertaining podcast and for reminding me how great this movie was. Consider me a new fan. Now going to listen to your other podcasts.

    • Hi Allen – thanks for writing! Glad you found us and we appreciate your support. Have a great Christmas and enjoy our other podcasts. We’ll be back in 2017 with so many more! – AM

  4. Thanks for cool pod cast on this movie. Forgot about it until now. Love you two! So much fun.

    • Hi Declan, thanks so much for your support and glad you’re enjoying the podcast! – AM

  5. I saw this movie at the cinema with my father. We both laughed so much we went back to see it a second time. Thanks for recapping it. My father has passed now but this film reminds me of a wonderful time when he and I saw it and seeing him laugh. Thank you.

  6. Thank you Brett for your lovely comment. I’m glad our podcast could remind you of the time with your late father. I feel the same about my late father and Star Wars. He took myself and my brother to see it when it was released. He loved it so much he took us to see it a second time.

  7. I cannot love this movie more! Congratulations both of you Angry and Gidgit. You handle comedy films with such respect and joy. Catching up on ones I have missed.

    • Thanks Garry!!! We love a good laugh and nothing better than a great 80’s comedy film! We are here to praise these movies – not tear them apart! That would be just depressing! Haha

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