018 – The Dark Crystal

This week we travel to another world at the time of the Great Conjunction and see if Jen can fulfill the prophecy that a Gelfling will heal the world.

That’s right, Gidgit and Angry are watching the 1982 work of art that is The Dark Crystal!

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7 Responses to 018 – The Dark Crystal

  1. Veronica Brown says:

    I love this film so much. Thank you for the pod cast. I listened to it on my way to work and reminded me I need to show my kids. I agree children should not be in a ‘bubble’. I grew up watching my parents movies as well. So many memories of this fantastic movie. I was a huge The Muppet Show fan. Thanks Angry and Gidget.

  2. Belinda Rawling says:

    Great podcast. Listened to a few but have to say you both did the best. Well done.

  3. Michelle Patton says:

    Weird to hear two Australians pod cast this move but I loved it! So funny and clean enough to let my kids listen to! I’ve shown this to them but I think will let them listen to this podcast. Puppets are always fun. I grew up with Jim Henson. I want my kids to follow that tradition. Thanks

  4. Pedro Oladverie says:

    Charming pod cast. I loved this movie growing up. Also love the life lesson on depleting a resource. I had my kids listen to this podcast while watching the movie. Consider them fans. As am I. You really pay respect to these films which I appreciate so much. Thank you. This is the very first time I’ve left a comment on anything! Ter cara de pau

  5. Belinda Snert says:

    My kids LOVE this movie as I do. Lots of podcasts out there for this but truly enjoyed yours. Just had to tell you. My 8 yr old listens to your podcast of this often. No swearing or offensive nature so I have no problem with her listening to this. Thank you.

  6. Bob Millen says:

    I kind of want your podcast to be more ‘a little bit of trivia’ than explaining the movie. More trivia please. Will listen to more.

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