019 – Trading Places

This week we laugh all over again at the hilarious comedy from 1983 Trading Places. We’ve got Dan Aykroyd, Eddie Murphy and the gorgeous Jamie Lee Curtis. Also – The Retro Cinema legend, Frank Oz!

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8 Responses to 019 – Trading Places

  1. Darren Dundell says:

    LOVE this movie. Heard a few podcasts about it. This one was fun as no haters of it. Love the passion and trivia. I need to watch it again now.

  2. Dertrie Balfow says:

    Ha ha ha ha so cool. We adore this movie and watch it every time it is on TV. Thanks for the heads up Gidget. Will listen again on the way to work.

  3. DavidEchoira says:

    Blazing Saddles is total classic comedy movie but early 70’s sadly! Can’t wait for Raiders of the Lost Arc! You are funny Gigdget about same names. Never thought of that. I am my fathers name. How embarrassing! Great pod cast and really funny. I adore this movie so much. Thanks for paying it respect and having such fun. Love Angry keeping Gidget on track. You both work so well.

  4. Simon Assopadi says:

    So funny! Thank you so much. I adore this movie. Had a good laugh listening to your podcast. Yes Jamie Lee Curtis did have the best female 80’s body for sure. I’m embarrassed how many times I paused that movie.

  5. Kevin Randell says:

    Very honest review of this film. It’s one of my all time favorites and as an African American man I have no problem with using the word ‘black’ as that was in the movie. You are not saying it they are. Besides I’ve never been to Africa once so to me I’m a black man and so is my son. I recently let him watch this movie. He is 14. I’ll just say he really liked the Jamy Lee Curtis scene taking her clothes off. I honestly laughed as I remember feeling that way too. Going to listen to more of your podcasts now as I like your style.

  6. Slighty says:

    I love these RetroCinema guys, they are a right proper tonic !! I am working through their list in no particular order.

    Trading Places remains a favorite of mine, I cant believe it is 83 !! I was only 10 yrs old .. a boy ! regretfully due to this being in ‘another time’ the tone probably wouldn’t be allowed now – the poor black man, affluent white man.. however the messages are the same as ever before. Greed, banks, Social Mobility, corruption and associated privilege !

    We had this film on Betamax (remember that?) and it was on repeat (with others we had at the time) and as I entered my …erm…difficult teenage yrs the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis takes her top off, gently cups her boobs and informs Winthorpe of life’s costings got me through some tough times, she was a work of art and raised the bar very high for girlfriends yet to come, alas regrettably I have still not hit that bar ;0) .

    I was already a bit of a fan of Ackroyd as he was Elwood Blues (my fav film of all time) Ghostbusters yet to come, and I think it was the 1st time i seen Murphy – Delirious, Beverly Hiss Cop, Coming to America all treats yet to come.

    A brilliant brilliant film, with a brilliant podcast to match – keep them coming.


    • GidgitvoneLaRue says:

      Thank you so much Eazyt. Loved your review and comment and cannot thank you enough. We will be podcasting ALL those movies I promise. And when we do I’ll be thinking of you! – Gidgit – The Retro Cinema

  7. Wilbert Heaven says:

    Brilliant podcast. Such a hilarious film. Thank you.

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