023 – Creepshow

This week we’re in 1982 (again!) for the cinema hit and horror favourite Creepshow! Lots of great stories and the amazing Adrienne Barbeau in a hilarious role (admirably imitated by Gidgit!) You cannot miss this!


8 thoughts on “023 – Creepshow

  1. First class podcast! Spotted you both did this movie on twitter. Booyah. Pls do Creepshow 2.

  2. If they remake this movie it would be a modern day sin. Great podcast G & A. Do you know if you had another pod caster like me you would be G & AT – gin and tonic.

  3. This is wonderfully done.
    I’m from the States and so I appreciate the Australia information regarding cinema ticket prices. I love both your voices too. That us important to me when I listen to anyone speak g.

    • That is* (typos drive me nuts)
      Also, I love the 80’s films too.
      I considered showing Creepshow last time I taught film class.
      It is hard to top 80’s film.

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