025a – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Part One)

This week we move from the drama of being an Officer and a Gentleman to the insanity of Toon Town in 1947 Hollywood and try and find out who framed poor old Roger Rabbit. One of the amazing technical achievements in 80’s cinema is just as funny now as it was then – just like the cartoons we watched growing up. And then there’s Jessica Rabbit…

2 thoughts on “025a – Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Part One)

  1. I loved this move so much. Thanks for recapping it for me plus including the making of which I’ve never seen. I’ll be showing this movie to my kids now they are seven and eleven. I think that is a suitable age. Plus they adore watching all the old animation cartoons. I had honestly forgot about this movie so thank you.

  2. I ADORE this movie. I’m with you Gidg. Love this over Raiders too. Had no idea Kathleen Turner was the voice of Jessica Rabbit. I feel silly now. But fantastic pod cast and going to listen to both today.

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