028 – Little Shop of Horrors

This week we’re visiting Mushnik’s Flower Shop to see the amazing Audrey Two! Join Gidgit and Angry as they bring the comedy and music of this botanical 80’s cinema classic. Also, dentistry!

17 thoughts on “028 – Little Shop of Horrors

  1. OMG just listened and I’ve never seen this move before. I SO will now. What great songs and sounds like a super fun move. I have a 10 and 14 year old kids so guess it’s ok for them to watch? I loved the music so much. So my style. My friend told me to listen to this and I’m going to get the dvd tomorrow.

    • Hi Ageetha – it really is a fun movie. i would think it would be fine for them – i have a 10yr old too, i’d let her watch it 🙂 Thanks for your post! – AM

  2. Really enjoyed this podcast-lots of trivia facts I didn’t know! And top singing effort Gidget….

  3. Wow so much fun! Cheered me up going to the shops after a terrible morning! Thank you! I never leave comments on podcasts but Gidgits singing voice made me laugh in a respectful way. Such a fun podcast I’ve listened to it twice and made me listen to it again! More songs please!

  4. LOVE your podcasts but musicals please more of the music! Just a request. Well done Gigdet on singing some of it. But love to hear more music. Just a suggestion.

  5. PLEASE do more musicals. They are my favorite. Xanadu now this! Love it. Just please play more of the songs and for longer! But LOVING your pod casts.

  6. Love this move and such a great podcast. Not a Xanadu fan buy adore this musical. Such an awesome film. Thank you for covering it and playing music. Gidget you are hilarious as Audrey! Telling friends about your podcast. Friend told me from YouTube. Love it.

  7. Play more of the music!! Just a suggestion. I know you cannot play the full songs but if you do musicals play more of the music. It rocks!

    • Hi Darren – we’d love to, but we’re severely limited in how much we can play without paying for it, sorry 🙂

  8. Thanks for all the great comments!! As Angry said we are VERY limited to how much of the songs we can play. We’d LOVE to play more but if we are going to keep our podcast free and with no ads – we cannot afford to pay for rights to play more! I hope it just encourages you all to obtain the soundtrack and listen to the songs in full – or just watch the movie again!!! It’s certainly one of those movies one can watch over and over again. I was singing along while doing notes! Such fun.

  9. Forget the people whinging about not playing the whole songs. I have the soundtrack as I love this movie so much and especially the soundtrack. I have it on my Itunes and listen to all the songs all the time. I just appreciate you both doing this movie. And great singing Gidget. You could have done the soundtrack with no worries about punishment perhaps? Still great fun and got my husband to listen who had never seen this movie even though he is 48! He loved it. Well done.

  10. Wow thank you Sally! What a lovely comment. Thanks everyone for your comments! It’s our ‘payment’ in a way so we love them. Sally Moffet you are a darling. My voice ain’t what he used to be rest assured. But very kind xxx

  11. I’m currently going through your back catalogue after being introduced to your podcast a few months ago. This ep was awesome! It was kinda like just watching the movie with commentary because I could visualise everything, remember every scene, ‘hear’ the songs and accents. LOVED it and it reminded me how much I loved this movie! Thank you xx

  12. Wow thank you Janine. I do my best – I hope if I have fun doing them – folks have fun listening! I’m a big goof ball really! Such a great fun movie. I grew up with it.

  13. One of my all time favorites! Seymour & Orin scenes were the main stuff that made me want to see that movie so bad! You have a super voice Gidgit by the way.

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