5 thoughts on “029a – Scarface

  1. You fucking rule. Fantastic first part of one of my favorite movies of all time! You were spot on with everything you said. Love the animated gifs. Friend put me onto you guys – sorry girl and guy. I’ve already listened to this twice and cannot wait for the second part when shit gets real. I’m not into all the movies you have covered but will certainly check out Highlander and The Lost Boys and The Terminator. Keep going. You are first podcast I’ve ever commented on. Love your passion and knowledge. Chico chico get the yayo!

  2. Great fucking movie! One of my favorites for sure Cannot wait to part two. Snuffing that coke like a champion!!!!

  3. Friend told me about your eighties pod cast and I was thrilled to see you have done Scarface. Ok first half of Scarface. Loved it. You both really covered the movie so beautifully with the description and trivia. Now just have to wait for part 2. I’ll also make sure to check out some of your other podcasts. The Burbs is one of my favourite comedies of all time. Thanks for playing the music as well. Good job both of you. Hope you get a lot more listeners as you really deserve to get big in the pod cast world. Cheers Harold. (I’m 72 by the way – my grandchild Tim got me into pod casts)

  4. Part 2 of our Scarface podcast coming out later this week!! Let’s just say we…push it to the limit….LIMIT!

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