029b – Scarface (Part Two)

This week Gidgit and Angry continue their discussion on the Gangster classic from 1983 Scarface. More trivia, more music and more coke!

You can find Stewart Stafford’s great article on Scarface (Angry talks about it) here

3 thoughts on “029b – Scarface (Part Two)

  1. I know this film is not a comedy but you both made me laugh. Thank you. I love this movie. Love to have drinks with you two. So much fun!

  2. Best podcast review of Scarface ever. And Australians too. Nice Cuban accents. ‘Push it to the limit’ ultimate montage song could not agree more! I’ve now listened to both Scarface podcasts twice from you both as you just nail it. Will be telling friends about you – promise.

    • Cheers Adosio, it’s great having your support! We had so much fun chatting about it

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