4 thoughts on “031 – RoboCop

  1. One of the very best films of the eighties and so many to choose from! Loved your podcast. You two just work so well. Guessing you are mates from school or something? Or partners? Not sure but it just works so well as I’ve now listened to a few more of your podcasts and they all nail it. Total respect to these films. Thank you. Will never get over the terrible effect of Dick falling from the window compared to Hans in Die Hard. Robocop is perfect aside from that one scene.

  2. These 2 are a proper laugh i love their chemistyry. They clearly love AND REALLY know their subject – but with cute references to other films, liked the ‘huh huh huh’ SWAT ream references, a cool nod to The Blues Brothers (one of my favourite films of all time!)

    I loved RoboCop i was 14 in 87 so the guns/robot thing REALLY worked for me – I didn;t see it at the flicks (too young) but saw it on VHS (remember that?) a little later.

    My fav scence among MANY Is the bit where Bob is erm..entertaining the 2 starlets with fingers/tongues n white powder and Clarence says ‘B**tches leave” etc – what a put down.

    Also I remember i had this film on VHS some yrs later with Lethal Weapon, I had it on one night, fell asleep, woke up bit confused n grogy, JUST as the dude comes out the toxic waste dripping everywhere ‘HELP ME!!’ ..it freaded the f**k out of me, laying there on my living room floor, neck ache, cold and scared …ah the memories ;0)

    Keep up the good work

    Love from @EazyT

  3. Thanks so much David and Tim for taking time to comment and such WONDERFUL comments too! They are our ‘payment’ plus the passion for these movies. We both only do the 80’s movies we BOTH love so important for us to adore these movies. Thanks again for wonderful comments! Haha ‘bitches…leave’. Love that scene too!
    – Gidgit x

  4. I got this pod cast from a friend of a friend. So glad I did. I like this movie and my husband LOVES it. I played it to him for both of us and can we both say – awesome job. So many Robocop pod casts but have to say you have the best.

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