032 – 9 to 5

This week we’re in the office and up against one of the most horrible bosses in cinema. But who can withstand the skills of Lily, Jane and Dolly?

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2 Responses to 032 – 9 to 5

  1. AliceBolin says:

    I love this movie so much! Thank you for a fantastic podcast Friend of mine told me about you. Now going to catch up on An Officer and a Gentleman podcast! Probably more. I love how you do not swear and keep it on the subject. Huge fan of Dolly as well. Great trivia. Consider me new fan.

  2. Michael Deliop says:

    Another fantastic podcast from you both. Well done. Laughed a lot and made me show this movie to my wife who loved it. Keep it up. You really work well together and I appreciate the passion for the movies you pick Oh plus great choices.

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