033 – The Fly

This week Gidge’s partner @ColonelKickhead steps in to take a seat in the RC HQ! Angryman is out sick and the Colonel has excelled himself and stepped in to take co-hosting duties on one of the biggest and best horror films of the 1980’s – The Fly!

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4 thoughts on “033 – The Fly

    • Hey Colonel was a champ to step in! I know it’s weird to hear another voice with me – but it’s my partner Terrence!

  1. Oh my god it’s Colonel Kickhead!

    I’m just going back over your podcasts and I think it is fantastic hearing the Colonel. You did an amazing job on Dune. Love Angry with Gidgit but if Angry is away she has plenty of great people to help her out it seems. Gidgit is a lucky girl.

    And if Gidgit does not mind you sound super sexy Colonel.

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