036 – Revenge of the Nerds

This week finds Gidgit and Angry at Adams College, stair diving into beer pools and winning the homecoming concert! Enjoy the hilarious 1984 comedy Revenge of the Nerds!

Our new intro is from musician Lana White – check out her amazing work HERE!



7 thoughts on “036 – Revenge of the Nerds

  1. BEST Revenge of the Nerds podcast I’ve head. Love every minute of it and laughed my ass off. Going to watch it again now with my 15 year old. I think with what he sees on the net he’s ok to see ‘boobies’! Going to listen again on way to work as it made me smile SO much and took me back to being a teen boy trying to pause the boobie bits! Thanks Angry and Gidgit. New fan for sure. Doing ALL the movies I love. I’m 48 and this is all my era of the best times of my life.

    • Hi Scott – thanks for the great comment, and having fun sharing the 80s movie love is what its all about! – AM

  2. Hey people, me again congrats on another bhramer.

    This film was an absolute fav with my teen friends, full of great moments (not just Betty n the girls in the buff) but from Lewis’ laugh , Ogre shouting ‘NERDS!!’to Poindexter’s dance – all knees and sharp elbows and the teacher from bill n Ted lugging on a big fat bifta…

    Funny thing is I am 44, I the 80same I fiddled around with BBC BASIC and Commodore 64, In 1990s I read Computer science at degree and ended up teaching it for 14 yrs, I now work in Cyber Security… I am the NEED and STILL love it.

    Ogre et Al would hate me…. but Betty would love me, as Gidgit would love me… appreciate the sexual reference… and it is true ;0)… I wonder how need women fare, well I imagine. Anyway….

    One thing may I ask can you stop with the ‘improper’/controversial/problem stuff. You laboured hard about the scene with Lewis n Betty – hey it might be rape, but it might just be a movie and be entertainment. Same with language in Trading Places …It was a different time that film wouldn’t be made now, and mores the pity, it is great things have moved on but we can’t change the past and the more ‘liberal/questionable’ attitudes. Surely your thing celebrates this era so shouldn’t be so quick to point out the awkwardness of it.

    All said loved it, keep .up good work.

    Slightly (@EazyT)

  3. Love this movie so much. Thanks for great podcast. Heard a few but this one is best!

  4. Fucking awesome podcast! Loving your podcast! Found you through @80sHog Will listen to more now but I fucking love this movie!

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