037 – Christine

This week we bought a 1957 Plymouth Fury. Nothing can go wrong… right? Join Gidgit and Angry as they share the love all over again for one of their favourite horror movies. Plus it’s directed by the legendary John Carpenter!

Podcasts we talked about in the episode:

The Countdown PC

Two peas on a pod

Drift and Ramble Podcast

2 thoughts on “037 – Christine

  1. They have done it AGAIN !!! Another favourite from my 80s VHS draw !!

    The nerd kid from Jaws 2 playing the nerd kid here… cool.

    The thing is this film ISN’T scary at all, compared to Carpenter’s terrifying (as a kid) The Fog, The Thing and Halloween, this is a picnic with a lairy car, the most frightening thing is Buddy’s hairstyle, but it is über cool. Especially the music.

    I love RetoCinema but I think my biggest applause to them go to the fact this is REAL 80s films, the big hitters are not here (Yet), no Beverly Hills Cop, no Aliens, no Top Gun, no Back to the Future, no Ghostbusters, I am sure they will be but the fact these are real 80s films for real 80s kids.

    Love it every week, keep up the good work xx


  2. Wow thank you so so much EazyT. What a lovely comment. Yes we try to do a variety of 80’s movies – we will do the ‘big popular ones’ as we’ve already done a few but it’s vital for us to also cover the 80’s movies people have either forgotten or were NOT as popular like Ghostbusters etc. We have some very obscure ones on our ‘to do’ list for sure. Again thanks for lovely comment xxxx

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