038 – The Pirate Movie

This week finds Gidgit and Angry on the high seas and singing Gilbert & Sullivan numbers as they enjoy the 80’s cult classic The Pirate Movie!

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And Gidgit will soon be guest starring on the Scream Queenz Podcast

9 thoughts on “038 – The Pirate Movie

  1. I fess up now. I LOVED this movie. So does my wife and now my daughter. Awesome podcast and so lovely to hear a podcast that is not ‘main stream’ 80’s but obscure, hate by movie reviewers but loved by so many of us. I’ll admit I was a HUGE Kristy McNicol fan in my youth. Something about her. So when I watched this I was in heaven. Funny, musical – you both nailed it. I’m going to listen again tomorrow on the way to work. No one else has covered this movie so well done both of you. And thank you.

  2. Thank you so so so so so so much. I adored this film growing up and my daughter only just got me into listening to podcasts. I was never into action or science fiction much but I enjoyed YOUR podcast so much (I’ve now listened to it 3 times) I might be tempted to expand my view on movies as I love both your enthusiasm for this movie. Now going to listen to Xanadu then Footloose. Yes I love musicals. You have broken my podcast virginity! Hope that does not offend.

    • Hi Isabelle, thanks for writing and welcome to the Retro Cinema! Musicals are really popular – and we’re HUGE fans of an 80s guilty pleasure šŸ™‚ (and we’re really hard to offend haha!)

  3. Hahaha ‘I don’t care about the enviroment’ – I pissed myself laughing! I don’t have kids either! Love this movie and love you guys! So fucking funny! Sorry Angry Man – bleeb me! But such a fun review! And I’m American in Detroit! But used to live in Australia.

  4. Correction on this – my ex awesome boss was Steve – not Scott! So cheers to you Steve! Top boss!

  5. OH MY GOD you have both podcasted The Pirate Movie! I’ve found heaven!!!! I adore this movie so so so so much. I grew up with this. THANK YOU! I can’t love you both enough!

  6. My next podcast – seriously you covered this movie?? SO in love with both of you. No one has podcasted this. I’ve been searching like Fredrick for the treasure! LOL.


    Thank you thank you thank you. I saw Gidgit mention it on twitter in a list and here it is. Thank you.

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