040a – Batman

Gotham City is a place of violent crime, ruled by organised crime as the law struggles to fight for order. In this dark city one man strives to keep justice alive. We call him Bruce Wayne. Gotham City know him as… Batman

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2 Responses to 040a – Batman

  1. GaryTallart says:

    OMG I love this movie so much! Going to listen and cannot wait for part 2! Best Batman movie for sure.

  2. LizbethGordan says:

    Just listened and LOVE IT. Such respect for this movie my late father took me to see. I might be a woman but I just love this movie and shown this to my kids who just know the ‘new’ Batman movies. They loved it and will now play your podcast to them. Thanks for not swearing. Very appreciated. Going to listen to more of your podcasts now. I’m an eighties gal. Can’t believe you did Name of the Rose. So ‘out there’ but I loved that movie.

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