043 – Blue Velvet

This week Gidgit and Angry delve in to the seedy underbelly of Lumberton NC as they join Jeffrey and Sandy in their investigation in to the mysterious Dorothy Vallens… That’s right, this week, it’s the genius of David Lynch before Twin Peaks came along… When a woman sang a song and wore…. Blue Velvet…

4 thoughts on “043 – Blue Velvet

  1. Oh awesome! I adore this movie. LOVED the podcast. I have not watched it for about 4 years and it’s on for this weekend after listening to you both. Brought back so many memories. Have to ask are you brother & sister and are you musical? Did you do your own theme song? I love your voice Gidgit and you are both SO talented! I’ll let my son of 17 LISTEN to your podcast but he can watch this movie in another year! Great podcast. I’m a nurse and during break on nightshift listened. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    • Hi Emile, thanks for your message! So great hearing from someone who enjoys our podcasts! Gidgit is the musical one, but our theme was done by the very talented Lana White. Her contact/info details are in the ‘contact us’ page, her music is fantastic. We’re not brother and sister, we actually live about 1000 km apart – but you’re not the first to ask. We just get along really well 🙂 – AM

  2. Not good – GREAT. What a fantastic job! My new favourite podcast. You excelled on this one.

  3. Such a risky movie to pod cast. Admire you both massively. Well covered. Huge David Lynch fan. Love your style. Thank you.

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