044a – Aliens

This week we celebrate a year of 80’s movie podcasts as we start our two-parter on the all time classic – Aliens!

Huge thank you to all out there listening to us!


Podcasts we chatted about. Some are friends who’ve helped us along the way (thanks all!), but all of these we recommend you try them out!

The Countdown PC

Skip to the End

The Unwritable Rant

Drift and Ramble

Lore Podcast

And check out the fantastic Horror block of Schlock Horror!Thanks Paul for your support and tips!

And thanks to The Undead Wookie for your help too!

4 thoughts on “044a – Aliens

  1. As you can tell from my email rather big fan. Listened to all Alien podcasts and have to say your Aliens podcast is great. Few mistakes from Gidget but I appreciate her passion. Aside from that fantastic first half and can’t wait for second half. I saw your tweets Gidget and don’t worry! None of us are perfect. Your passion over casts your mistakes. Won’t point them out. Bring on second half. Well done Angry.

  2. One of my favorite movies of all time but so is Alien. Excellent podcast. Can’t WAIT for part 2. Thanks Angry and Gidgit. I love your podcast. It’s now my regular weekly listening must!

  3. Read on twitter a competition for your 2nd half of Aliens. I’ll certainly be listening and hope I get in first. Love your pod cast by the way. Listened to several. Getting through all of them to work but Xanadu. My wife loves that movie. I can’t stand it. Oh well. Can’t love everything. But so pumped for part 2 of Aliens.

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