044b – Aliens

This week we wrap up our podcast on the incredible 1986 film Aliens. So much going on in this half of the movie, not to mention this podcast has our first ever prize giveaway!  Good Luck!

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3 Responses to 044b – Aliens

  1. Robert Tandle says:

    Oh Gidgit – Terminator 2 it’s the T-1000. I know you have dyslexia. So does my daughter so you do so well to get through doing a podcast. Not making fun. Far from it. I admire you. Excellent double Aliens podcast Angry and Gidgit. You both SO love these movies and you can hear it. You are not reviewing them or belittling them. You are doing obviously what you both love. Very refreshing. And can play your podcast with my kids listening. Keep up the good work.

  2. Slighty says:

    …. after a brief hiatus I am back and so are THEY !!!

    Aliens man, one of my ALL time favourites, full of strong women and one liners

    I remember having a collection of VHS in the 80s that were either tapped off TV (with adverts paused of course) ex rental or boiught new and Aliens was amongst that … (along with Raiders, RoboCop, Ghostbusters, BTTF ,Lethal Weapon ) Hearing Hudson’s great lines made me feel sad about Bill Paxton’s passing


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