049 – Road House

This week finds Gidgit and Angry at the Double Deuce watching Dalton and Wade Garret turn a dive into the place to be! Join us for laughs and trivia at one of the cheesiest 80’s movies ever- Road House!


2 thoughts on “049 – Road House

  1. Old radio slang – long time listener, first time ‘phoning in’. Laughed my ass off in this podcast. Adore this movie for all the wrong reasons and you two just nailed it. If I could use a gif it would be that stand up and clap one. Made me rewatch the movie then listen to you again! Thanks. Oh and your gifs are fucking awesome. – Tito – Hunstville, Alabama

  2. Oh laughed so much! Love this film. I don’t care it’s considered shit. It’s brilliant. Great pod cast Angry and Gidgit. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Listening for the third time right now. Love your style, trivia, you really love these movies. So appreciated.

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