051 – Ladyhawke

This week we’re back in the 13th century to see if true love can survive an evil curse as Ferris Bueller helps Roy Batty and Elvira Hancock be reunited (Yes there’s lots of six degrees on this one!) Visually stunning and a great tale – It’s Ladyhawke!


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6 Responses to 051 – Ladyhawke

  1. Belinda Snert says:

    Loved your podcast. Made me want to watch it again. And I’d love to see this ugly baby! You two are so funny.

  2. Tabitha Grere says:

    Saw this on twitter. Now listened and so awesome. I adore this movie so much. I’m going to listen over and over again.

  3. Abby Teal says:

    Adore this movie! Thank you. (can I get a mention?)

  4. Tenelle Oliver says:

    I’m slowly getting through all my favorite 80’s movies with you both and I have not seen this movie for such a long time thus will be rewatching and showing my two daughters.

  5. Belinda Waley says:

    RIP Rutger Hauer

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