053 – Willow

This week it’s Gidgit’s birthday pick as we join the brave Nelwyn Willow and his newfound friend Madmartigan as they journey to take Elora Danan to the castle of Tir Asleen! Watching this film, you’re going to see a lot of scenes and style that have turned up in films decades later.


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4 Responses to 053 – Willow

  1. Mandy Khoo says:

    I am beyond thrilled. This is one of my favorite 80’s movies of all time. I’ve listened twice and going to listen again. Thank you SO much Angry and Gidgit. I feel like I know you both and we would all be fantastic friends. Brilliant podcast.

    • theretrocinema says:

      Three times? We have done others you know! haha – thanks so much for listening Mandy, really appreciate your support!

  2. Vincent Hawke says:

    I may be in my mid 40’s but I loved the movie growing up and the two of you in this podcast took me back to my childhood. And now I’ve discovered your wonderful 80’s movie podcasts – I’m hooked.

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