054 – Top Ten Sexiest Stars

Gidgit is away so we’ve put together some pre-recorded fun for you

Find out who we think are the sexiest stars on screen in the 1980’s

Plus we have some of your picks as well!

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7 Responses to 054 – Top Ten Sexiest Stars

  1. Paul Dutton says:

    “The loins and not the brain” If I make that into a bumper sticker promise to give Gidgit part of my earnings! You two are hilarious. I honestly laugh out loud. You are great host Angry and I know Gidgit is taken but what hottie.

    Can we make requests?

  2. Tabitha Grere says:

    Loving your top ten sexiest. I have a different list some what. Hope Gidgit is having fun in Hawaii. Both your voices sooth me and I know that is weird but you both do. My ultimate 80’s movie hotty was Andrew McCarthy.

  3. Madeline says:

    I like that when one of you lists a pick, the other’s response is “Oh, that’s cool” and not something like “Eww, why him/her?” We need more people like you two in the world.

  4. GidgitvoneLaRue says:

    Gidgit here!!

    Being the muddle head I am – I totally forgot Tom Berenger! In fact back in the 80’s he would be my number one!!!!

  5. Amanda Toone says:

    New listener and so glad I found your podcast!
    Going through the Top Tens firstly then will listen to the movie ones.
    I’m a teenager 80’s so this is my wheel house.

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