055 – Top Ten Original Movie Songs

This week we top ten the songs that helped make 80’s movies as fantastic as they are! Remember when songs were written for a movie? So do we! Join us for a truckload of music and 80s movie love in this podcast!

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8 Responses to 055 – Top Ten Original Movie Songs

  1. Slighty says:

    Loving your work still… bit late to the party again but hey !!

    Its mad that since my Mum passed 94 yrs ago) I have a new major affiliation for my childhood 70s..but esp 80’s which is why i LOVE your podcasts, but i also have a new thirst for 80s music, i always like dit but now i REALLy like it, so i would say my favourites are (in no order)

    Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters
    Good Times (INXS) – The Lost Boys
    Electric Dreams – Forever i Electric dreams
    St Elmos Fire – St Elmos Fire
    The Power of Love – Back to the future
    Hungry Eyes – Dirty Dancing
    Nasty Girl – Bevery Hills cop
    Fame – Fame
    Lets hear it for the boy – Footloose

    Loved Gidgit’s Number 1 – but i rememebr sitting in a local boozer next to a fella, brylcreamed hair, shiny/sparkly suit on, anyway the karaoke fires up this guy gets up and kills ‘Maniac’… so love the song, hate that memory ;0)


  2. Slighty says:

    Update *** I meant Mum passed away (4 years ago) NOT 94 years ago !!! …ops !

  3. GidgitVonLaRue says:

    Sorry to hear about your mum Slighty. Love your list! Haha yes amazing how a great song can nearly be wrecked by a bad memory! I find blocking those disturbing memories best and listen to the best and original! Thanks again for your list and awesome comment!

  4. Sarah Finley says:

    I listened to this at work and was singing out loud I got told off by my boss! I have now gone and loaded all these songs from both of you onto my music player. I know you cannot play full songs but made me obtain all of them. Keep up the awesome work Angry and Gidgit. You also both make me laugh a lot like with two crazy Australian best friends.

  5. Selinda Moore says:

    Oh my god Oh my god – such an amazing podcast! You both are awesome. Friend told me about your podcast. I am living it.

    Please keep on doing it. We are out there. Why I wanted to comment. If it counts please keep podcasting!

  6. Littlith Stood says:

    I love Highlander – that song from Queen makes me cry every single time. Gidgit and Angry are you married? Sorry, don’t know?

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