055 – Top Ten Original Movie Songs

This week we top ten the songs that helped make 80’s movies as fantastic as they are! Remember when songs were written for a movie? So do we! Join us for a truckload of music and 80s movie love in this podcast!

13 thoughts on “055 – Top Ten Original Movie Songs

  1. Loving your work still… bit late to the party again but hey !!

    Its mad that since my Mum passed 94 yrs ago) I have a new major affiliation for my childhood 70s..but esp 80’s which is why i LOVE your podcasts, but i also have a new thirst for 80s music, i always like dit but now i REALLy like it, so i would say my favourites are (in no order)

    Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters
    Good Times (INXS) – The Lost Boys
    Electric Dreams – Forever i Electric dreams
    St Elmos Fire – St Elmos Fire
    The Power of Love – Back to the future
    Hungry Eyes – Dirty Dancing
    Nasty Girl – Bevery Hills cop
    Fame – Fame
    Lets hear it for the boy – Footloose

    Loved Gidgit’s Number 1 – but i rememebr sitting in a local boozer next to a fella, brylcreamed hair, shiny/sparkly suit on, anyway the karaoke fires up this guy gets up and kills ‘Maniac’… so love the song, hate that memory ;0)


  2. Sorry to hear about your mum Slighty. Love your list! Haha yes amazing how a great song can nearly be wrecked by a bad memory! I find blocking those disturbing memories best and listen to the best and original! Thanks again for your list and awesome comment!

  3. I listened to this at work and was singing out loud I got told off by my boss! I have now gone and loaded all these songs from both of you onto my music player. I know you cannot play full songs but made me obtain all of them. Keep up the awesome work Angry and Gidgit. You also both make me laugh a lot like with two crazy Australian best friends.

  4. Oh my god Oh my god – such an amazing podcast! You both are awesome. Friend told me about your podcast. I am living it.

    Please keep on doing it. We are out there. Why I wanted to comment. If it counts please keep podcasting!

  5. I love Highlander – that song from Queen makes me cry every single time. Gidgit and Angry are you married? Sorry, don’t know?

  6. I had no idea you both were doing top tens! I saw Gidgets tweet and had to check it out as I love Billy Ocean’s When the Going Gets Tough chat. I’m so happy! And salute to both of you for your Amadeus podcast. Not many podcast that movie due to it’s topic and classical music so I salute you both.

  7. I’ve listened to your pod cast of this 5 times. I fess up. I know have ALL the songs you have on your pod cast on my player. Made my boyfriend listen and he is super stoked to find you have podcast entire films so he’s listening to you now as well.

  8. Thank you Stephen and everyone that leaves comments! Really means a lot to us.

  9. Super fun podcast! Been listening in my car. Who does your wonderful intro song – is that Gidgit?

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