056 – Top Ten Baddies You Love

This week we look at some of the great baddies of the films of the 1980’s. Let’s face it, we were spoilt for choice in this category!

So many great characters to remember – join us as we look at those bad guys you couldn’t help but love!

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2 Responses to 056 – Top Ten Baddies You Love

  1. Mandy Khoo says:

    Such a fun pod cast and so many great choices Gidgt and Angry. I was torn for No 1 and 2 positions too!

  2. Katherine Heaven says:

    Hope you had fun in Hawaii Gidgit! I go there a lot. This podcast was fun. So funny about Johnny from Karate Kid. Oops! Some great choices. I was born in 1973 so 80’s are iconic to me!

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