057 – Top Ten Kids Movies

This week in the last of our current series of Top Tens we head waaay back to our childhood and enjoy our favourite kids movies. Surprisingly we really both seem to be fans of a ‘little bit scary’ and the ‘right amount of dark’ – Are your favourites on the list?



3 thoughts on “057 – Top Ten Kids Movies

  1. Loving your podcasts – first time leaving comment. Sorry Angry but Stand by Me IS a ‘kids movie’. I showed my 9 and 12 year olds and they loved it. They could relate to the characters and trials of what those four boys went through and their friendship. Loving these top tens lists so please do more. Also loving your commitment and admiration for such fantastic eighties movies. Looking forward to more in 2018.

  2. I’m commenting again! Just had to say your Eighties kids movie list was such fun. Now my kids want to see all these movies. I hope you do more Top Ten pod casts in the new year. Please tell me if I’m leaving too many comments.

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