058 – Lethal Weapon

He’s burnt out, on the ragged edge… the film that created the classic buddy-cop trope and spawned a huge franchise is the Retro Cinema Christmas movie!

Catch Gidgit, Angryman and special guest Paul from the Countdown Podcast (HERE)  as they enjoy watching this holiday classic from 1987!



4 thoughts on “058 – Lethal Weapon

  1. Holy shit! Two of my top group of favourite podcasts together! I’m freaking out! MASSIVE The Countdown Podast fan – and now The Retro Cinema – AND doing Lethal Weapon! Merry Christmas to me! You are SO different. Can’t wait to listen!

  2. I’ve been religiously listening to your podcasts and adore them. They make me so happy driving to work. You can tell by my email it’s my favorite era of movies. Such a fan Angry and Gidgit. Now you team up with Paul from The Countdown podcast for Lethal Weapon. Merry Christmas me! And Merry Christmas to you all. I look forward to a lot more podcasts in 2018. Also Merry Christmas to Gidgit’s husband Colonel Kick Head who does your amazing gifs. Not that I’m a crazy fan or anything – but I am.

  3. Massive fan of The Countdown Podcast with Paul & Wayne! Now it’s your podcast with Paul. Mind blown. Lethal Weapon. Totally explode!

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