059 – Top Ten Vacation Movies

This week – remember those eighties movies that had some sort of holiday or vacation in them? So do we! In the last podcast for 2017, Gidgit and Angryman put together their Top Ten favourite Vacation movies. Never fear we’ll be back bright eyed and bushy tailed in January 2018!

9 thoughts on “059 – Top Ten Vacation Movies

  1. Hope I’m the first to listen? Probably not but I love all those movies. I love your podcast and would love a shout out as you say in one of them. Can you please please podcast in the new year for me: Body Heat, Endless Love, Sophies Choice, The Big Chill and Places in the Heart. PLEASE.

  2. Thanks for great podcasts this year and last – look forward to more. Loving the top tens. Such a positive loving podcast. Can tell you both adore these movies and I so appreciate it. With everything negative happening you are both a ray of light. Merry Christmas to you both and Happy New Year.

  3. I just started listening within the last few weeks and enjoy your podcasts very much. I will be going back and checking out what I missed. There were some great movies on both of your lists, some I hadn’t considered as vacation movies until you explained your picks.

    Some movies I’d love for you to do: Coming to America, Fright Night, Bachelor Party, Police Academy, and The Last Dragon.

  4. Hi Wendy – thanks so much for your comment. So happy you are enjoying our podcast! Some truly great 80’s movies on your list and they are certainly on ours to do for 2018! Love them all.
    Cheers Gidgit

  5. LOVING the top tens! Obviously leaving comment to get a shout out – but I do adore you both! I never even thought some of these movies are vacation movies – but they so are! Well done!

  6. Follow Gidget on twitter! She promoted this. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Can I get a mention?

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