4 thoughts on “060b – The Empire Strikes Back (Part Two)

  1. FANTASTIC double episode podcast of The Empire Strikes Back. I love when you both do these. Shows such respect for the movies as you always do. I was going to leave another comment for dinner party guests – but guess I’ll do it here if that is ok?
    Jake & Elwood – The Blues Brothers
    Judy, Violet & Doralee – all high from Nine to Five
    Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Dorothy – Tootsie
    Jenny Fields – The World According to Garp
    Entire cast of The Big Chill

    I think that is a full table.

  2. Thank you Wayne and Connie – Gidgit here!
    Yes we love this film but would NEVER call ourselves ‘experts’ by any means – we just wanted to show our passion and love for the film – so your comments are so so appreciated. It makes what we do so worth it.
    May the force be with both of you x

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