4 thoughts on “060b – The Empire Strikes Back (Part Two)

  1. Fantastic double ep podcast! Ok few faults but you both love this film so all forgiven.

  2. FANTASTIC double episode podcast of The Empire Strikes Back. I love when you both do these. Shows such respect for the movies as you always do. I was going to leave another comment for dinner party guests – but guess I’ll do it here if that is ok?
    Jake & Elwood – The Blues Brothers
    Judy, Violet & Doralee – all high from Nine to Five
    Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark
    Dorothy – Tootsie
    Jenny Fields – The World According to Garp
    Entire cast of The Big Chill

    I think that is a full table.

  3. I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan boy & you both did an excellent job covering Empire. So don’t be worried.

  4. Thank you Wayne and Connie – Gidgit here!
    Yes we love this film but would NEVER call ourselves ‘experts’ by any means – we just wanted to show our passion and love for the film – so your comments are so so appreciated. It makes what we do so worth it.
    May the force be with both of you x

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