062 – Top Ten Character Dinner Guests

It’s three courses of 80’s movies characters as Gidgit and Angry sit down for dinner with some of their favourite characters from those legendary movies we all love. Who have they invited? And with lots of listeners contributing some fantastic guests too!

5 thoughts on “062 – Top Ten Character Dinner Guests

  1. Loving your Top Tens! Such interesting choices. I have to say I agree with Angry more as I love a beautiful intelligent woman. My list will be: Ted Striker – Airplane! Just to see him drink, Flash Gordon because he’s awesome, also Princess Aura for ‘after’ the dinner party, agree with Jack Burton, Booger – Revenge of the Nerds for the nose picking, Nick Rivers – Top Secret!, Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit because why not?

  2. You both have made me really think who I would want from Eighties movies who I would want! Will get back to you!

  3. How have I not known about this podcast? The eighties is my era.I love this decade of movies and music. This is the first pod cast I’m listening to but I have a lot to catch up on! You have pod casted some of my all time favorite movies of all time and I can’t wait. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend! – Michelle – Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, USA.

  4. You have now brought a discussion with my wife and friends to this discussion and we have now been discussing it for two dinner parties! Not a bad thing. I’m ACTUALLY writing a list of all of them to send you both! What a fantastic topic! Cannot thank you enough! Brilliant!

  5. Listened to all your movie podcasts and now listening to your Top Tens as they suit my drive to work. So much fun. I can’t fault your podcast really. Your top tens make me laugh in my car. ‘Darth Vader would strangle you’. I burst out laughing.

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