064a – Amadeus

This week Gidgit and Angry start their two part podcast on the incredibly successful Amadeus. Join us for a chat on the amazing costuming and scenery as well as that incredible music by a certified genius. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

5 thoughts on “064a – Amadeus

  1. This is also my favorite movie of all time Gidgit. Thank you both for podcasting this movie. It is perfect.

  2. One of the greatest films ever made. I salute you both for paying respect to this amazing movie. I agree it could be 5 hours long for just the first part but I think you both covered what you needed to. You did get one piece of music wrong Gidgit but forgiven as it is a complex history of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Well done both of you.

  3. Long time listener, first comment. You have both out done yourselves. The information, the music. Felt I had to pay credit. I adore this movie. I play violin and piano and Mozart is a hero of mine. Thank you so much for such a wonderful podcast.

  4. You both may have got me into classical music.
    If you have you have achieved something my mother never could have.
    PS Love your podcast btw.

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