064b – Amadeus

This week Gidgit and Angry bring you Part Two of their in depth discussion on one of the great films from the 1980’s. With more glorious music and not a few tears from the Cinematic Screen Tweeting Queen, we bring you the grand finale to Amadeus!

5 thoughts on “064b – Amadeus

  1. You have no idea how excited I have been for part two. I’m listening right now. Thank you both.

  2. Your second was even better than part one which was excellent. Ok Gidget got some names of songs wrong but even I struggle to say them correctly. Music excellent. Information excellent. You have both outdone yourselves.

  3. I cant use animated gifs on here but insert standing ovation here please. One of your best podcasts. It helps I simply adore this movie. The music you put in Angry (yes I know you both like I really know you) was fantastic. You have me back listening to Mozart. Well done Angry and Gidget – and Gidget I spelt your name correctly. Do I get a shout out?

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