065 – Top Ten movies of 1980

This week Gidgit and Angry are counting off their favouites from the year of 1980. With lots of different choices and plenty of feed back from listeners, see if your favourite is there!!

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4 Responses to 065 – Top Ten movies of 1980

  1. Tabitha Grere says:

    Great pod cast. I love The Shining but I do understand what Gidgit is saying. Really great lists from both of you. Reminded me to give a lot of these movies another watch.

  2. Terrence Weem says:

    Great fun – why no quotes for all of them?

  3. David Eggells says:

    I LOVE how I can listen directly from your site. I can pause when I have to put my kids to bed. Then return. I play your podcasts more suitable for my young kids driving them to school so you have a 6 and 9 year old fans now. Love they want to see these films now. Keep on trucking. You are making me think of my favorite films from the 80’s and way too many.

  4. Eddie Twain says:

    been, enjoying ur pods & espesh top 10s. Ur both sur r old but luv listening.

    No The Shining?? Wtf.

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