068 – A fish called Wanda

Don’t call me stupid! That’s right this week it’s the hilarious little film that did! Great performances, and some classic scenes in the film about a fish called… Wanda (Well more about the gorgeous Jamie Lee Curtis, but i digress…) Also, listen early for a chance to win!

6 thoughts on “068 – A fish called Wanda

  1. OH WOW just listened. I adore this movie! Thank you. I had no idea we could request movies. Awesome idea. Here are mine and I still need to catch up on your previous podcasts.
    The Blues Brothers
    Honey I Shrunk the Kids
    Turner and Hooch
    Coming to America
    Funny Farm
    Top Gun

    I have more but will restrain myself. Love your podcast. Such respect and fantastic trivia that I never knew. Can I get a shout out?

  2. Just found you’re pod from chatter on twitter. I was born 1968 & been looking for an eighties movie podcast with the people not degrading or have not seen or hating on my favorite eighties movies.

    I’ve found you both. I hate hearing my beloved eighties movies torn apart by younger people that did not grow up with them or appreciate them. I could not be happier finding you. Thank you Gidget for posting up your pod cast. I have a lot of catching up to do.

  3. Brillant insight into a brillant movie. Loved Gidgit’s English accent. And Angry’s 6 degress info blew my mind. The funniest things that runs through this movie is the Michael Palin’s character is killing the old engish ladies small dogs!

    Keep up the good works guys.

  4. Hilarious Angry and Gidgit! I’m so enjoying all your eighties movie podcasts. Call me a fan or addict I just love your love for these movies. I was born in London and this movie worked on so many levels for me now living in LA.

  5. FINALLY got around to this. I love this movie. You have both done so many eighties movies I get confused. I need to watch them THEN listen to you both. Is that strange?
    You both make me smile and laugh so thank you.

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