069 – Top Ten Most Annoying Characters

Have a laugh with us as Gidgit and Angry look at those characters in Eighties movies that we just went OMG They’re annoying (Long before OMG was a thing) Plus, your most annoying too!

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5 Responses to 069 – Top Ten Most Annoying Characters

  1. Sarah Tunstill says:

    Such a funny podcast. I agree with all your picks aside from Baby but I am a huge Dirty Dancing fan. Still thanks for the laughs.

  2. Trent Carnelli says:

    Catching up on your top ten podcasts!

    Super fun and don’t agree on all but I see where you are coming from!

  3. Dr Ken Dowell says:

    Found you – love your podcast – catching up. First time leave a comment.

  4. KristE says:

    No Tilly sisters slander!!!! I love Meg and Jennifer so much and their characters. 😁
    And I can’t say anything against Duvall in the Shining knowing how she was tortured during that picture.

  5. Kriste says:

    You are thinking of the movie Nuts.

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