072 – Romancing the stone

This week Gidgit and Angry head on down to Cartagena, Columbia, dodge crocodiles, go over waterfalls and discuss bird smuggling. (One of those is true) Join us for the adventure and romance of Romancing the Stone!


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3 Responses to 072 – Romancing the stone

  1. Sarah Tunstill says:

    LOVE this movie sooooo much! Thank you so much!

  2. Sarah Tunstill says:

    Just listened and love this movie so much I just ordered the dvd. Loving the sound board too. So funny.

  3. Wilbert Heaven says:

    My wife showed me this film & I might just say I like it more than Raiders 2.
    Big fan of Michael Douglas and with Kathleen Turner just brilliant.
    Please do War of the Roses – all the same cast!

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