075 – Adventures in babysitting

This week we’re roaming the mean streets of Chicago. But hey, we’re with Elisabeth Shue, so it’s gotta be ok yes? Originally known as ‘A night on the town’ here in Australia and in the UK, this is a fun romp and a definite popcorn movie!

8 thoughts on “075 – Adventures in babysitting

  1. YOU ARE AWESOME! This is one of my favorite movies of all time. I am so very happy right now.

  2. I hadnt made the connection that I had actually seen this movie but as I listened I realised that I had. Funniest quote “Dont F**k with the babysitter!!” great work as ever guys, thanks for the shout out. I have two sugesstions for a top ten podcast
    1. Top ten worst 80’s movies that shouldn’t have been made
    2. Top ten 80’s movies where the lead actor/actress was badly cast
    Only thoughts!

  3. LOVE LOVE this movie and had to look up what a ‘lawn jockey’ was. LOL. Keep up all the trivia as that is my favorite bits.

  4. I love love love this film so much. THANK YOU for not wrecking on it and loving it like I do!

  5. Super fantastic pod cast Gidg and Angry. Laughed a lot. You are both truly funny.

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