076 – First Blood

This week we’re in the cold mountains outside of the town of Hope. Why? Because we’re running from dodgy police and avoiding rats through mines as we join the legendary John Rambo in the film that first brought his character to the big screen!

11 thoughts on “076 – First Blood

  1. Another great podcast Angry and Gidgit and Gidg – sexy voice gal. Might be inappropriate but had to say it. Brill trivia too guys.

    • Oh Simon you smooth guy you – honestly that means a lot! Glad you enjoyed our podcast too! Thanks for the feedback mate! xx

  2. Loved your First Blood podcast Gidgit and Angry. I don’t miss listening to you both. Addicted

    • Hey Trent,
      I’m slowly getting through all our feedback and appreciate it all – thanks so much! We are not a bad ‘addiction’ to have – hahaha. Thanks mate x

  3. Total banger of a podcast. Friend told me about you!
    Love your passion and such awesome information. This was my late dad’s favourite movie and you brought back such memories.
    I’m going to watch it again now. I can’t thank you enough and love your accents too. My late father served in Vietnam and you paid such credit and respect to that subject. Thank you.

    • hugely appreciative of your comments Belinda, thank you so much for your amazing words!

  4. It was a bad time for everyone, Rambo. It’s all in the past now.

    Kick ass movie pod cast folks.

  5. Yet another great podcast. Thanks. Listened to it on my way to work Perfect one hour trip. Just need another for return journey!!

  6. Thanks all for leaving such great comments. Angry and I so appreciate them.

  7. THANK YOU for podcasting this movie. It was my late fathers favorite movie. I love it. He loved it. You both pay such respect to the movies you podcast.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Awe that is lovely. Movies brought my late father and myself together too. Your feedback means so much. We love the 80’s movies we do! Makes it fun for us and the listener!
      Cheers hon

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