080 – Deadly Pursuit/Shoot to kill

This week we’re in the stunning mountains of the Northwest USA/Canada as we pursue the mystery man and the diamonds he holds. Join us for a very underated film that still holds up today!

4 thoughts on “080 – Deadly Pursuit/Shoot to kill

  1. I worked on this movie. I’m super happy you podcasted this movie. I think it’s great obviously but such a great experience. Really enjoyed your podcast. Will listen to more now.

  2. THANK YOU for pod casting this movie. My husband took me to see this movie on our first date and I’ll admit I had forgotten it until listening to your pod cast. I then told my husband and he has listened to. You have made us both very happy. Took us way back to meeting and we then remembered times we had forgotten. You are both really funny too and great trivia. Might be a new fan. My husband Barry might be converted to over his political podcasts to listening.

  3. I CANT BELIEVE I FOUND THIS MOVIE OH MY GOD! I had been looking up the other title for it and could not believe no one had podcasted it!


    I’m over the top only because I LUV LUV this movie!

  4. Wow thank you Gary – would love to talk to you about working on this movie!!! Please contact me!
    Rebecca – so glad you and your husband enjoyed our podcast – such a great story – thank you so much!
    Heidi – we love love love this movie too – so glad we could provide our podcast for you! Thank you all – we love you xxxxx

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