082 – Top Ten Bar Scenes

This week Gidgit and Angry have a look at some of the great scenes in 80s movies that are set in bars. So many to choose from, does your favourite make the list? Find out now!

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3 Responses to 082 – Top Ten Bar Scenes

  1. Belinda Waley says:

    I love your top ten podcasts. Made me think of many movies I have seen for a long time especially Victor Victoria. You both have such fun and are so positive. Thank you.

  2. Mindy Heeven says:

    First time leaving a comment but I have to say thank you for your podcast. Huge fan and I love the variety of you both podcasting movies then doing the Top Tens which are so entertaining. A shout out would make my day even week!

  3. Trent Carnelli says:

    Love a beer, love a wine, love some hard core booze. TOTALLY appreciate this podcast. If I can have Jessica Rabbit sit on my lap would make my night!

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