083 – Bull Durham

This week Gidgit and Angry enjoy a baseball movie – hard to believe after 80 odd podcasts it took this long to get to one of their favourite genres, but hey, that’s eighties movies for you. So many to love!

6 thoughts on “083 – Bull Durham

  1. great job angry and gidget,next to “field of dreams” my favourite baseball movie,common factor is kevin Costner.the sexy mr everyman ,always underplays and it works..susans sox were annoying ,bt agree with gidget they both have aged well,attention to detail in your podcasts amazing .

  2. I LOVE your Ozzie accents and from Minnesota USA it is such a novelty and you are both so fun and smart and adore you knowledge of this movie. Unlike Colonel I love Susan’s character. My wife is similar and there is more depth to them. Great pod cast.

  3. Just listened and really love both your passion and information about the movie.
    Truly have not listened to a podcast like yours. Now very excited for Field of Dreams.

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