2 thoughts on “084 – Tootsie

  1. AS a drag queen I appreciate your discussion on this

    I have lived with vitriol and judgement my whole life and have found family outside of my own.

    I was shown this movie by my drag sisters and we laughed and cried and loved it.

    Full respect for both of you not joking on the issue but also providing a wonderful entertaining fun joyful podcast. Dorothy was not a drag queen by the sense but most straight people would think it all the same.

    You have broken my pod casting cherry darlings and thank you. DYING for Victor-Victoria podcast. My drag sister told me Gidget loves that movie and I love it too.

    • Dotty thank you so much. Trust me Victor Victoria is one of my favorite 80’s movies! We will be podcasting it this year. You are a darling and thanks for your comments xxxxxxx

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